On 21 September, the CoE Committee of Ministers adopted a "Declaration ... on Internet governance principles." The main focus is on human rights and preserving the right of access to the Internet. It says that its purpose is "to ensure a sustainable, people-centred and rights-based approach to the Internet" which makes it "necessary to affirm the principles of Internet governance which acknowledge human rights and fundamental freedoms, democracy and the rule of law, as well as the basic tenets of Internet communities...." The ten principles, without the commentary that accompanies each, are as follows:

  1. Human rights, democracy and the rule of law
  2. Multi-stakeholder governance
  3. Responsibilities of states
  4. Empowerment of Internet users
  5. Universality of the Internet
  6. Integrity of the Internet
  7. Decentralised management
  8. Architectural principles
  9. Open network
  10. Cultural and linguistic diversity

The CoE represents 47 countries. Its declarations and resolutions can lead to action with more legal status by the European Union and provide soft pressure on non-EU Eastern European countries.