Health Canada has announced a consultation on a draft Risk Assessment Framework prepared for the Consumer Product Safety Program (the “Program”).

The Risk Assessment Framework is being developed in connection with the coming-into-force of the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. The Program is responsible for the administration and application of legislative requirements pertaining to consumer products and cosmetics; in accordance with that mandate, it identifies, assesses, manages, and communicates risks to human health or safety posed by products in Canada. The Program’s risk assessment activities are typically initiated by reports received as a result of mandatory reporting requirements, consumer complaints, monitoring and trend analysis, actions in other jurisdictions, and the review of corrective actions proposed by manufacturers or importers. The purpose of the framework is to provide clarity and guidance on the principles and processes associated with risk assessment in the Program, and to support a risk based approach to determine where the Program should focus its attention. The draft framework defines risk assessment as a systematic process of estimating the level of risk, considering both the probability and consequences of exposure to a hazard, for the purpose of informing decision‐making. The framework is proposed to provide a foundation for consistent assessment of risks in a manner that is systematic, structured and based on the best available evidence.

Interested persons are invited to comment by January 30, 2014. A copy of the draft framework can be obtained from the Program directly, via email: