As of January 17th, Trademark Office fees for filing a trademark application have changed.

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As indicated above the fees for filing a trademark application on paper ... if anyone does that anymore ... have not changed.  The standard electronic filing fees per class have not changed either.

It gets a little more interesting when one files an "RF" (i.e., reduced fee) application or a "Plus" application.  In the case of the former, an applicant must promise not to file anything relating to the application on paper to grab a $50 discount.  For a further discount, a Plus applicant must do that required for the "RF" applicant and also choose the identification of goods/services from the Trademark Office's official manual for such goods/services.     

For most applicants the "RF" application doesn't present much of a problem since most of the "paperwork" we file is now done online anyway.  However, the requirement of the "Plus" application to recite goods/services only from the Offcial Trademark manual could present a problem especially for any new goods/services (that may not be in the Manual) or when it is necessary to file a narrow application for goods that are different from or just narrower than those in the Offical Manual.  New fees are on the Trademark Office site here.