On 10 October the DCLG published its proposals for reform of CIL. The proposals deal with the way in which a "meaningful proportion" of CIL will be made available directly to communities affected by development (see our blog post for more detail on this). In addition, the reforms provide for Mayoral Development Corporations (MDCs). The Localism Bill will empower the Mayor of London to designate parts of London as MDCs in order to promote regeneration. The MDC may have full planning powers - including the ability to levy CIL. To allow for this, the proposals include amendments to the CIL regulations to allow the Mayor to undertake preparatory work towards CIL even before the MDC is set up. The changes would also enable London boroughs to carry on collecting CIL from development where they have granted planning permission - even where work begins after planning powers have moved to the MDC. If an MDC winds down, or hands over its planning powers, it must make provision for collecting any outstanding CIL revenues.