Bruce Raynor, President of the Workers United affiliate of the Service Employees International Union and the SEIU's International Executive Vice President, resigned from both positions effective May 7. The union had charged Raynor with misappropriating union funds by submitting misleading expense reports. In a statement, Raynor said he "strongly believes that the challenged expenditures were appropriate union related expenses for which reimbursement to me was proper. Nevertheless, in order to resolve any doubt regarding those expenditures, I have repaid $2,316.03, the entire amount in dispute." According to the internal charges, which have been resolved, Raynor incorrectly designated who was present at 10 dinners for which he sought reimbursement, and the dinners may not have been for business purposes. Raynor contended that the charges were politically motivated because he had supported Anna Burger to replace Andy Stern as President of the SEIU.

Raynor has spent 38 years in organized labor, beginning his career in 1973 with the former Textile Workers Union of America, where he worked on a number of Southern organizing drives, most notably against J.P. Stevens and Cannon Mills. For eight years he was international president for UNITE and UNITE-HERE, until he resigned in 2009 to become president of Workers United.