On October 9, 2007, North Dakota Governor John Hoeven appointed Adam Hamm, 36, as the new Insurance Commissioner of North Dakota. On October 22, Hamm will succeed Jim Poolman, whose resignation became effective on September 1, 2007 before his term expired to become an insurance industry consultant. (Click here to read our prior post about Poolman's resignation.) According to press reports, Hamm's initial focus as Commissioner will be to protect the state's citizens but he also intends to increase the competition for insurance companies within North Dakota.

Prior to this appointment, Hamm was an associate at the Fargo-based law firm of Anderson, Bottrell, Sanden and Thompson, where he practiced in the areas of commercial and civil litigation, transportation law, family law, labor law, administrative agency law, agricultural law and collections. Prior to joining the firm, he was an Assistant Cass County State’s Attorney assigned to the Personal Crimes Team, where he prosecuted murder, rape, robbery, assault and child physical and sexual abuse cases.

Hamm will serve out the rest of this term and has already expressed his interest in running for election in November 2008.

Click here to view the official press release from Governor Hoeven.