In August 2010 the Zambian government's hopes of forcing former president Frederick Chiluba to repay over 40 million dollars in public funds stolen during his presidency were dashed when the Zambian high court threw out its application to have a 2007 civil court ruling obtained in London recognised by the Zambian court. Judge Evans Hamaundu said that "the question of enforcing the judgment of the courts of the United Kingdom directly by registration under the act does not arise....I have looked through our laws for such an order and have been unable to find any".

Commenting on the decision, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has expressed the view that the conditions to register the English High Court were as specified in the Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act and that the UK judgment was still valid. Furthermore, TIZ have suggested that a point of law as important as the reciprocity of an English judgment should go to the Supreme Court.