The UK Ministry of Justice has published the Coroners and Justice Bill (the Bill) which when enacted will amend the Act in the following key respects:  

  • Increased Powers for the Information Commissioner:  

Assessment notice

Clause 151 of the Bill introduces a new right for the Information Commissioner to serve a government department or designated public authority with an assessment notice to enable him to establish whether it has complied or is complying with the data protection principles.  

Information notice

The Bill amends section 43 of the Act to strengthen the Information Commissioner’s powers for inspecting a data controller’s compliance with the data protection principles using an information notice. Once served with an information notice a data controller must provide particular information within a specified period.  

  • Fee Regulations

Section 16(1) of the Act will be amended introducing a new tiered fee scheme such that different data controllers will pay different fees.  

  • Data sharing

A new section 50A(1) will permit a designated authority (principally a Minister in charge of a Government department) to make an information-sharing order allowing it to share personal data with third parties for the purposes of achieving relevant policy objectives.

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