The UK Court of Appeal (CoA) has reduced the prison sentences of three directors imprisoned earlier this year in the first successful prosecutions for cartel offences under the Enterprise Act 2002. The three directors, who had been arrested by the Department of Justice in the USA, negotiated a plea bargain that would allow them to be returned to the UK provided they pleaded guilty to participating in the marine hose cartel. A director of PW Consulting and two directors of Dunlop Oil & Marine were sentenced to 36, 36 and 30 months in prison by the Crown Court in June 2008. On 14 November 2008, the CoA reduced these prison terms. The CoA explained that it would have reduced the sentences still further to take into account the directors' co-operation in the investigation and their loss of livelihood, however it had been constrained by the sentences imposed by the USA officials as a result of the plea bargains. The Directors concerned will now serve between 20-30 months.