The Finnish Market Court imposed a total fine of EUR 43.000 on Asunto-Väylä Oy (“Asunto-Väylä”) and CSC-Consulting Service Centre Oy (“CSC”) for illegal cooperation in public tender processes concerning the sale of real property and apartments organized by the Lapland Hospital District in 2006 and the city of Rovaniemi in 2009. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”) originally proposed a fine also on Hansatalot Oy, but the Market Court rejected the proposal in this respect. In both of the tender processes, the company with the highest tender withdrew its tender after the tender process had been closed, consequently leading to that the tender was awarded to a company with a lower tender. The aim of the cartel was to make sure that one of the cooperating companies wins the bid with a lowest possible tender. When calculating the amount of the fine, the Market Court took into consideration the fact that the turnover of the infringing companies was relatively low. Source: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority 28/2/2013