Bi-monthly Program Will Address AIA Trials & Ex Parte Appeals

Starting next week, February 3rd, the USPTO's Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) will host its inaugural "Boardside Chat" lunch webinar. The purpose of the chats is to update the public on current Board activities and statistics as well as to regularly gather feedback. The schedule of topics through October is listed below.

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Note the February, June and August topics are dedicated to trial practice, the April program to ex parte appeals. As discussed previously, some notice and comment rule making on AIA trial procedures is expected in the spring, hence the August topic. The "quick-fix" changes expected this month appear to be delayed a few weeks due to typical complications pertaining to the Federal Register publishing. 

The Boardside Chat series will be a valued source of information for both the PTAB and interested public and should not be missed. The Instructions for next week's webinar are provided below.

Webcast Instructions for Tuesday, February 3:

Event address for attendees:

Event number: 313 818 218

Event password: 123456

Dial In: 1-571-270-7000

Captions Link: