A Chinese company called WinSun has successfully “3D printed” a five floor residential building and a 1,100 square metre villa.

The 3D printer array is almost 7 metres high, 10 metres wide and 40 metres long. The company fabricated the relevant parts of the building using a mixture of ground construction and industrial waste, such as glass and tailings, around a base of quick-drying cement mixed with a special hardening agent.

The structures were then assembled on-site, along with steel reinforcements and insulation in order to adhere to official building regulations. The process is thought to have saved up to 50 percent on construction waste and reduced production times by up to 70 percent. In total, the villa cost just over £100,000 to build, complete with internal and external decorative elements, and is on display at Suzhou Industrial Park, attracting many camera-clicking local tourists.

In the future, WinSun hopes to use its technology for much larger building projects, including bridges and possibly even skyscrapers!