A recent consent decree entered into between the FCC and DIRECTV required the satellite provider to pay $150,000 and to implement a comprehensive FCC Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance plan.

In 2005, DIRECTV volunteered to the Commission that it had not filed an annual Form 396-C or prepared EEO Public File Reports. Once the company did produce the past-due reports, the FCC found deficiencies in its EEO compliance. Specifically, DIRECTV failed to recruit or failed to recruit adequately for all of the full-time vacancies listed. Readers should take note that the failure to recruit adequately resulted from the company's reliance solely on the Internet or non-public sources, such as employee referrals or walk-ins, to "advertise" job openings. According to the consent decree, DIRECTV's EEO compliance did not improve after it first acknowledged its deficiencies in 2005. The agreement entered into this summer prescribes a three-year compliance plan that requires, among other things, DIRECTV to designate EEO Compliance Personnel and to provide their names to the FCC, to engage FCC counsel on an ongoing basis and to conduct semi-annual internal reviews of its EEO performance, providing a report to the Commission within 30 days of completion.