The Government Equalities Office has published two pieces of further guidance for employers on tackling the gender pay gap. The first, which was produced in conjunction with the Behavioural Insights Group, sets out eight questions to help employers understand their gender pay gap, with an emphasis on what types of diversity data to collect. The second relates to the process of designing and embedding action plans.

In Eight ways to understand your gender pay gap the government suggests the following eight questions to ask to help identify potential causes of the gender pay pap:

  1. Do people get 'stuck' at certain levels within your organisation?
  2. Is there gender imbalance in your promotions?
  3. Are women more likely to be recruited into lower paid roles in your organisation?
  4. Do men and women leave your organisation at different rates?
  5. Do particular aspects of pay (such as starting salaries and bonuses) differ by gender?
  6. Do men and women receive different performance scores on average?
  7. Are you doing all that you can to support part‑time employees to progress?
  8. Are you supporting both men and women to take on caring responsibilities?

The emphasis of the guidance is mostly on looking at the data rather than on solutions, although there are a few suggestions for action. On the topical subject of positive action, the guidance says "If you use recruitment agencies, ask them to provide you with long-lists which include a certain minimum number of women. However, do take legal advice if you are considering positive action to benefit women (or men), to ensure that there is no unlawful discrimination".

The second piece of guidance is called Four steps to developing a gender pay gap action plan and relates to the process of designing an action plan, after understanding the data and consulting stakeholders, and then embedding it and monitoring progress.