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Occupational health and safety and labour issues

Health and safety

What health and safety regulations and procedures apply to oil and gas operations (upstream, midstream and downstream)?

Most of the applicable regulations and procedures are of a general nature (ie, not specific to the oil and gas sector). They include:

  • the Protection of Health Law (360-IQ/1997);
  • the Sanitary-Epidemiology Safety Law (371-IQ/1992);
  • the Fire Safety Law (313-IQ/1997);
  • the Technical Safety Law (733-IQ/1999); and
  • the Rules on Safety Measures and Safety Areas in Gas Supply (approved by Resolution 103/1999).

Technical facilities must be certified and anyone using them must comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

Labour law

Are there any labour law provisions with specific relevance to the oil and gas industry (eg, with regard to use of native and foreign personnel)?

Employment in Azerbaijan is regulated by the Labour Code (effective July 1 1999) and the Migration Code (effective August 1 2013), along with other relevant laws and regulations. Foreign employees of enterprises operating in Azerbaijan are subject to Azerbaijani employment law, except for those working in Azerbaijan on the basis of employment contracts concluded with a foreign employer in a foreign state.

Foreign nationals wishing to work in Azerbaijan must register at their place of residence and obtain a work permit through their employers. Work permits are issued by the State Migration Service. They are not required if the foreign national is an individual entrepreneur or a sole proprietor and in certain other cases, such as for specific industries, including oil and gas.

What is the state of collective bargaining/organised labour in your jurisdiction’s oil and gas industry?

Currently, the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its divisions enter into collective employment agreements with labour unions.

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