As reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is in motion in both the Senate (legislation) and the House (legislation and hearings), the American Bar Association (ABA) has released five white papers that they hope will “promote greater awareness, understanding, and dialogue on TSCA as it exists today, and on the potential shape of future reforms.” ABA’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (SEER) has provided in depth analysis to provide a framework of the overview of TSCA with the group’s first of five white papers. ABA SEER’s other four white papers delve into specific aspects of TSCA that are key components of any TSCA reform legislation: trade secret and confidential business informationpublic and private rightssafety standards, and preemption of state laws. With the release of these white papers, ABA continues to be one of the leaders in providing thought provoking analysis when it comes to TSCA reform.