New York is tops in solar.  As reported previously, the Empire State is among the leaders in this technology but at least one publication has it at the absolute peak.  Solar Power Rocks has ranked New York at Numero Uno and five of the  top 10 states ranked by this publication are in the Northeast.  

New York's incentives to install solar along with an Renewable Portfolio Standard that is as tough as any in the country put it at the top.  Massachusetts and Connecticut were right behind followed by Oregon at number four.  New Jersey rounded out the top five. Colorado and Maryland follow.  Minnesota is in the eighth spot while Vermont and New Mexico round out the top 10.

Looking at innovation in the solar sector,  Solar patents dominated all others in 2013  beating all other technologies in patents, as reported by the Clean Energy Patent growth Index (CEPGI).  Four of the CEPGI's top U.S. States  solar in 2013 match that of Solar Power Rocks.  New York was second to Cleantech King, California, which fell 16 patents to 195 compared to 2012 yet topped New York by over four times even with the Empire State adding 6 patents compared to the year before.  Colorado was in third ( a few spots above the ranking by Solar Power Rocks) chasing New York with 38 patents up 13, while Massachusetts (29) jumped from fifth place to fourth pushing Delaware (23) back to sixth place. Texas (29) sat in a tie with Massachusetts above Delaware while Illinois had one less than Delaware's 23 granted U.S. Solar patents in 2013. Pennsylvania (19), Michigan (18), and Ohio (17) descended one by one in the number of Solar patents to round out the top ten U.S. states for granted Solar Patents in 2013.

The sun is clearly rising on solar initiatives in New York with New York's Sun initiative promoting the installation of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, along with ever more frequent announcements of solar R&D and manufacturing, such as a ground breaking for Solar City's Gigafactory in Buffalo, the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium's work with various companies-a recent one being Solopower, a solar test lab in Cortland, and the list goes on...