This morning, OSHA announced that it will extend the date by which employers with covered establishments must submit the data from the 2016 Form 300A to OSHA’s electronic database. The new deadline is December 15, 2017. The delay will “allow affected employers additional time to become familiar with a new electronic reporting system launched on August 1, 2017.”

OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application, which is the computer/information system that OSHA is using to collect the 300A data, malfunctioned and was unavailable to employers shortly after OSHA launched the system in August 2017. According to the final rule which is scheduled to be published in Friday’s Federal Register, the additional, two-week delay “compensate[s] for the time employers were unable to access the ITA in August.”

In the final rule, OSHA emphasizes that it still “intends to issue a separate proposal to reconsider, revise, or remove other provisions of the prior final rule.” Look for more information on the status of the delay and the anticipated proposed rule in next week’s edition of the OSH Line.