The European Court of Justice ruled on 26 May 2011 in C-306/08 that the European Commission had failed to demonstrate that the ‘main object’ of the procedure for appointing land developers in Valencia is to enter into a public works contract. The case concerned an infringement case taken by the Commission in relation to the application of urban development legislation in the region of Valencia in Spain. The central issue in the case concerned the procedure for integrated action programmes (IAP) for urban development. Under the procedure, when an application for land use affecting several parcels of land is made, the local authority can select a contractor to develop the land and put in place pubic infrastructure and amenities. The authority may appoint a developer to be responsible for writing technical documents, developing and managing the re-allotment of the land and appointing sub-contractors to carry out the works. The developer is remunerated in land or cash by the private land owners and at the end of the IAP, ownership in the public infrastructure and amenities passes to the local authority who assumes maintenance obligations. The ECJ found that the agreement between the authority and urban developer would be a ‘mixed agreement’ containing elements both of works and services and the Commission had failed to show that the main object of the contract was the execution of public works.