Each institutional investment manager that exercises investment discretion over $100 million or more of certain enumerated securities must report its holdings on Form 13F, which is filed periodically and is available to the public on the SEC’s EDGAR website. On May 20, 2013, the text-based ASCII format for 13F filings was discontinued and replaced with an online form. The substance of Form 13F was not changed, and the new online filing format is intended to simplify the filing process and help filers avoid technical errors, as well as enhance the utility of the reported data to end-users, such as operations and risk professionals, academics and regulators. On August 2, 2013, the Division of Investment Management staff released updates to the Form 13F FAQs (available here). The updated FAQs provide guidance on the transition from the text-based Form 13F to the new online form as well as additional clarification about the availability of confidential treatment. In particular, the updated FAQs provide filers with (i) links to instructions on how to create and file Forms 13F; (ii) information regarding a filer hotline that the SEC has established (202-551-8900, ext. 3); and (iii) further guidance regarding the availability of and process for requesting confidential treatment of information filed on Form 13F. The staff noted that confidential treatment is available, most typically for a non-risk arbitrage investment position(s), and, in certain limited circumstances, for an ongoing investment strategy, such as an ongoing program of acquisition or disposition.