If, like me, you were watching BBC news this morning you may well have seen the moving story about Quintin Kynaston School's aim to raise funds to set up accommodation for homeless students who, because of their circumstances, are struggling to meet the demands of their A level studies. The headteacher Jo Shuter described the aim as being to allow homeless students (16 - 18) to "be brought up like they were in a family".

This encouraged me to remind myself of the planning changes brought about during 2010 (some before, some after the election) regarding dwellinghouses and small HMOs. In essence, C3 is now split into 3 parts (families/up to 6 persons as a single household but receiving care/up to 6 persons as a single household but not HMO) and there is now a new class, C4 for small (3 - 6 persons) HMOs. Larger HMOs are sui generis.

PD rights also allow flexibility between C3 and C4 - subject to article 4 directions. See Circular 8/10 for guidance

It is to be hoped that in the event Jo Shuter raises the funds, the planning system does not delay this excellent plan.