CIPO announced that amendments to the Trade-marks Regulations and the PatentRulesare coming into force on April 1, 2014. Several regulatory changes were highlighted in CIPO’s announcement, including:

  • Recognition of up to 12 months of practical experience for persons who are entitled to practice before the trade-marks or patent office of another country.
  • Application of a uniform set of requirements so that anyone seeking to have their name entered, or reinstated, on the list of trade-mark agents must first have passed the qualifying examination.
  • Removal of the name of an agent from the respective list or register of agents if the agent fails to pay the renewal fee within the prescribed time or if the agent no longer meets the requirements by which their name was entered on the list or register.
  • Elimination of the requirement for the Office to issue a notice requiring compliance prior to removing a name from the respective list or register of agents.

More information can be found on CIPO’s website.