On 1 April 2009, the functions and resources of the Mental Health Act Commission (MHAC) were merged into those of the Care Quality Commission and Health. This is the MHAC's final report and collates information on the use of powers in the Mental Health Act in England and Wales for the two-year period 2007-08 and 2008-09.

The MHAC was established alongside the Mental Health Act 1983 to monitor, on behalf of the Secretary of State, the operation of its powers and discharge of its duties in respect of patients detained in hospital.

This report Coercion and Consent: Monitoring the Mental Health Act 2007-2009 which can be accessed here is intended to bring into the public sphere the findings, observations, discussions and effectiveness of the MHAC, based on independent visits and monitoring of patients detained in hospital and supervised community treatment (SCT) patients.

It discusses the quality of mental health patients' experiences and their treatment and sets out observations and concerns about current and future mental healthcare.

The MHAC report discusses all major projects and developments in this last reporting period, outlining:

  • trends in admissions under the Mental Health Act;
  • the increasing relevance of the independent sector;
  • characteristics of the detained population;
  • conditions of patients' environments; and
  • the Mental Health Act in practice.