Our automotive specialist Dr Terence Broderick will lead a discussion at Graphene Automotive 2019 to explore the latest graphene patenting trends and how automotive organisations should mould their patent strategies. He’ll also be discussing the somewhat delicate topic of Brexit and its impact on IP.

If you’d like to grab a moment (and maybe a coffee) with Terence at the conference, you can get in touch with him at [email protected], or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Ahead of Graphene Automotive 2019, here’s a snapshot of Terence's best content and advice for the automotive industry, covering everything from developments in EV and AV infrastructure to graphene's capabilities as an automotive wonder material...

Graphene is so much more than a laboratory wonder material. Its automotive applications are many, aided by the fact that it’s the strongest material ever tested. Here’s a look at everywhere graphene could (and is) making a difference to our cars of the future.

The challenges that must be overcome to facilitate the widespread uptake of EVs and AVs also present a host of opportunities to product developers. Find out how IP rights such as patents, trade marks, designs and copyright are essential for automotive innovators to reap the rewards of their efforts.

The UK government’s ‘Road to Zero’ policy outlines how we can reduce carbon emissions from road transport. We identified the three key areas to work on, to see where technological developments are likely to focus in the automotive industry before 2050.

There’s little doubt that EVs and AVs are the future of transport, but are we really ready for the automotive revolution? Here, we explore exactly what’s needed to ensure that the UK’s infrastructure can handle the looming influx of new-age vehicles…

To solve the infrastructure challenges associated with the EV and AV revolution, many innovators are turning to standard essential patents. Licensing these can be complex, so we came up with some essential guidance to help the automotive industry get it right.

The cars of today have come a long way since CD players and MP3 ports. Now, you can drive around with a full entertainment and information system at your fingertips. Protecting such ‘infotainment’ systems with IP rights can be very challenging, so here’s a quick guide to the potential pitfalls.