In a recent initiative, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation commissioned a study to identify sources of administrative burden on business. They have found that businesses incur a significant administrative cost where significant stocks of pre-printed letterhead have been purchased and directors have either been appointed or resigned from the board of the company thus requiring a change to the company’s letterhead.

The Companies Act 1963 currently provides that the present name, or the initials thereof and present surname, any former Christian names and surnames and the nationality, if not Irish, of all directors be printed on business letterhead. This requirement is not being changed.

There is no legal obligation for the directors’ names to be pre-printed on company stationery. In addition, there is no legislation concerning the font size of the text. It could therefore be possible for company stationery to be ordered without any directors’ names printed on it and these could subsequently be added when the stationery is used. If letters are being prepared on Microsoft Word there is the facility for inserting a footer in a document and the directors’ names may be placed in this footer. They will thus be printed when the letter is printed and can easily be amended if there was a change to the directors without having to dispose of existing letterhead.

By taking this simple measure it can save a business unnecessary expense in having to dispose of company stationery when there has been a change of directors in a company.