A Washington state beef-processing plant has reportedly agreed to settle alleged Clean Water Act (CWA) violations for a $750,000 civil penalty and the installation of $3 million in new wastewater treatment equipment. U.S. v. Washington Beef LLC, No. N/A (E.D. Wash. proposed consent decree lodged 05/04/10). According to the complaint, defendant violated the CWA on numerous occasions from 2003 to 2009 by discharging partially treated slaughterhouse wastes into nearby waterways without a permit for an extended period and also exceeded the level of pollutants allowed by its permit when it did obtain one. Under the terms of the settlement, the company will pay the civil penalty and install five new pieces of equipment including a new sequential batch reactor, a large concrete basin equipped with aerators in which bacteria break down the slaughterhouse’s organic pollutants. The proposed consent decree is subject to a 30-day public comment period and approval by the federal court. See DOJ Press Release, May 4, 2010.