In Hunt v Storm Communications & Others a Tribunal has held that the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) service provision changes applied when a client changed public relations (PR) agencies. Ms Hunt was employed as an account manager by S. She spent approximately 70 percent of her time working on the account of one particular client, B. B terminated its contract with S at the end of July 2006 and appointed W as its new PR agency. S told Ms Hunt that her employment would transfer to W under TUPE. W disagreed; it argued that Ms H’s principal purpose was not to provide services to B as she worked on other client matters too. Ms Hunt brought claims against the two agencies S and W and the client, B. At a pre-hearing review to determine who was Ms H’s employer, the Tribunal held there was a TUPE transfer of Ms Hunt from S to W. The decision, which is to be appealed, may alarm some employers and their professional advisers. To minimise the risk of losing employees when a client contract is lost, businesses should ensure that where possible employees are not substantially engaged in the provision of services to a single client.