Briggs LJ’s final report on the Civil Courts Structure Review has been published (see link below). Some noteworthy recommendations include:

  1. An Online Court should eventually hear cases with a value of up to £25,000 (but excluding personal injury claims which would otherwise fall within the fast track or multi-track and professional negligence claims);
  2. Various options regarding the Divisions of the High Court are mooted, but no change should undermine the identity or international reputation of the Commercial Court, and other specialist courts in the Rolls Building;
  3. The value thresholds below which a claim cannot be issued in the High Court should be increased immediately to £250,000, with a view to a second increase to £500,000. They should apply to all types of claim (with no lower limit for personal injuries);
  4. The county court should be the single default court for enforcement of the judgments and orders of all the civil courts (but appropriate enforcement issues eg cross-border issues) may be transferred to the High Court and there will need to be special provision for the enforcement of arbitration awards.