On May 2, 2012, the FCC released the procedures for the Mobility Fund Phase I Auction (Auction 901), which is currently scheduled for September 27, 2012. Among the key items contained in the document:

  • Potential participants must submit short-form applications between June 27 and July 11, 2012 in order to participate in the action.
  • The Auction itself will be held September 27, 2012 and conducted over the Internet via electronic bidding.
  • Bidding will be conducted based on predefined Census tracts (i.e., aggregated census blocks). State-by-state lists of tracts and an interactive map are available at the Auction 901 website.
  • Winners must be prepared to cover 75% of road miles in each supported area with voice service and either 3G service within two years or 4G service within three years (whichever is applicable).
    • In the procedures, the FCC established additional road categories, which now include primary roads, secondary roads, local and rural roads, vehicular trails, service drives, and private roads.
  • The auction will be conducted in a single round, and bidders will be required to submit sealed bids.
    • Tribally-owned or Controlled Providers will receive a 25% reverse bidding credit for census blocks located within the boundaries of associated Tribal lands;
    • Parties owing debts to the Commission will not be permitted to participate in the auction;
    • The procedures also establish: (a) reporting and record retention requirements for winning parties, (b) letter of credit requirements; (c) penalties in case of default; and (d) tower collocation and roaming obligations.

A copy of the Public Notice is available here.

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