Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) announced today that he will remain Chairman of the Committee in the 111th Congress. Dodd was in line for the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a position currently held by Vice President-elect Joe Biden (D-DE), but released a statement earlier today in which he indicated that he will remain as Banking Committee Chairman "to continue the important mission that we all share: to build a strong economy in which every American has the opportunity to succeed." Dodd also identified the following agenda items for the Committee during the remainder of this year and for the 111th Congress:

  • Conducting intensive oversight of the Administration’s implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
  • Creating a 21st century financial architecture that spurs competition domestically and ensures that financial institutions are properly capitalized, regulated, and supervised; 
  • Strengthening protections for consumers in the areas of mortgage lending, credit card lending, and investor rights, among others; 
  • Renewing focus on the country’s housing needs; 
  • Addressing critical economic and national security challenges facing the country; and 
  • Crafting a transit bill that helps address pressing national problems from low economic growth to higher gas prices to pollution and global warming.