Adidas AG, et al. v. Under Armour, Inc. et al.C.A. No. 14-130 – GMS, June 15, 2015

Sleet, J. The court considers for construction 13 disputed terms from 9 patents.

The following terms are considered:

  1. "at least one of a set including"
  2. "rating tool"
  3. ''user rating"
  4. "individual rating"
  5. "route rating"
  6. "route path"
  7. "while the user is engaged in the physical activity"
  8. "base station" [not construed at this time; input from POSITA needed]
  9. "separate input device"
  10. "separate device"
  11. "position data" and "position information"
  12. "positions points"
  13. "during the physical activity" [plain and ordinary meaning]