Penningtons has received clarification from the UKBA relating to the disappearance from the SMS of the ability to report a student who has missed ten expected contacts and/or breach of conditions. The UKBA stated that it was aware that these particular options were not available from the drop-down box on the SMS and the issue had been escalated with the relevant team. In the meantime the UKBA advises that sponsors submit the report by email.

The email should contain details of the student who is being reported and the nature of the report. The UKBA also confirmed that the email should mention that the report is being made by email because the option 'student has missed ten expected contacts' or 'breach of conditions' has been removed from the SMS.

Finally, we would like to remind sponsors that it is important to keep a copy of the email you send as evidence of having submitted a report and all other reports should continue to be reported on the SMS in the usual manner