FSA's latest quarterly consultation proposes changes to:  

  • BIPRU to allow IRB-institutions more flexibility in estimating the maturity of trade finance facilities and, separately, to extend capital floors;  
  • BIPRU to extend transitional provisions for the large exposures regime for limited licence and activity firms to the end of 2010;  
  • GENPRU and INSPRU on the definition of approved reinsurance to close;  
  • the insurance prudential sourcebooks to clarify various rules as FSA has had several requests for guidance;  
  • BCOBS in respect of transitional provisions and some further changes, in particular to add rules on liability for losses on unauthorised transactions and add a rule to mirror the COBS rule on exclusion of liability;  
  • SUP in three separate areas: mandatory electronic reporting, failure to disclose relevant information and PII policies;  
  • COLL to clarify rules on scheme management; and  
  • DISP and FEES to implement the PSD.  

FSA wants comments mainly by 6 September, except for on the PSDdriven changes, on which it needs comments by 17 August.