On 9 May 2023, the Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen introduced the Gas Supply and Other Legislation (Hydrogen Industry Development) Amendment Bill 2023 Qld into the Queensland Parliament, the purpose of which is to provide an efficient and effective regulatory framework for the hydrogen industry. It is open for consultation until 6 June 2023.

Proposed licensing pathway for hydrogen

The Bill would amend:

  • the Gas Supply Act 2003 (Qld) to expand its jurisdiction to hydrogen, hydrogen blends, biomethane and other gases; and
  • the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (PAG) to create a regulatory pathway for authority to construct and operate pipelines for hydrogen and hydrogen carriers (including ammonia, methanol, methyl-cyclohexane, dimethyl-ether and toluene in pipelines).

The Bill was released as a consultation draft on 6 March 2023. At a glance, the key differences between the consultation draft Bill and the Bill as introduced are the following requirements and transitional provisions in the PAG:

Application for Pipeline Licence (PPL)

Mandatory PPL condition

Transitional provisions

If the Bill is passed, a new regulatory framework will apply to the construction and operation of pipelines for the transmission of hydrogen and other renewable gases. The Bill was referred to the Transport and Resources Committee for detailed consideration. Submissions can be made until 6 June 2023 in the manner prescribed here.