The parents of a 3-year-old girl who was allegedly hospitalized after swallowing 37 high-power magnets from a “Buckyballs®” adult desktop toy set have reportedly filed a personal-injury lawsuit against the now-defunct company that made them, as well as its former general manager Craig Zucker. Bushnell v. Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, LLC, No. n/a (Wash. Super. Ct., Clark Cnty., filed October 8, 2014). According to a news source, the parents claim that the child swallowed them because they looked like “shiny candy,” and they snapped her intestines together, caused blockage, and put holes in her stomach and intestine. Surgery was allegedly required to remove each magnet. The parents claim that Zucker is the company’s alter ego and that he dissolved it to avoid liability for injuries to children.

Earlier this year, Zucker settled claims filed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which sought to recover the costs of recalling the products from him in his personal capacity. Information about the dispute’s resolution appears in the June 5, 2014, issue of this Report. The commission has also adopted a rule banning the sale of magnet sets containing magnets that fit within CPSC’s small parts cylinder and have a flux index of more than 50kG2 mm2. Details about the rule are discussed in the October 23, 2014, issue of this Report. See Courthouse News Service, October 15, 2014.