The National Transport Commission has published the Regulatory options to assure automated vehicle safety in Australia Discussion Paper seeking feedback on how Australia should regulate Autonomous Vehicles.

The Discussion paper identifies four key regulatory issues:

  • should governments have a role assuring the safety of Autonomous Vehicles?
  • what is the level of safety required?
  • how does a safety assurance system balance safety outcomes with innovation, certainty and regulatory efficiency?
  • where does a safety assurance system fit within the existing regulatory framework?

With these in mind, the NTC has developed four possible regulatory options for the safety assurance of Autonomous Vehicle functions:

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Submissions are due on Friday 28 July 2017.

The release of this Discussion paper comes only one month after the NTC, in tandem with Austroads, published the Guidelines for trials of automated vehicles in Australia which support State and Territory road agencies in providing exemptions or permits for trials. It seeks to give greater certainty to the industry on conditions for trials.

At present, several States are already conducting their own trials into Autonomous Vehicle technology, however the release of the Guidelines and Discussion paper will hopefully encourage further development of the technology, and discussion on the regulation and trialling of automated vehicles.