The Human Rights Review Tribunal has dismissed five claims brought against the Psychologists Board which alleged that the Board had failed to respond to the plaintiff's requests for access to information. The Tribunal also dismissed a claim that the Board breached Privacy Principle 11 (limits on disclosure) when it disclosed personal information about the plaintiff to a complainant in the context of, and in preparation for, disciplinary proceedings against the plaintiff. While the Tribunal found that on one occasion the Board did not meet the standard required by Privacy Principle 6 (access to personal information), as it did not disclose the existence of two complaints received in respect of the plaintiff (the evidence was that these complaints had been 'lost' in archive boxes and the Board was unaware of them when it responded to the request), the Tribunal dismissed the plaintiff's claim for damages and refused to make any declarations in the plaintiff's favour. The Tribunal noted that it had "real concerns" about the way that the plaintiff had conducted himself in these matters. Geary v New Zealand Psychologists Board [2011] NZHRRT 19