The Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks recently tabled its 2009-2014 Strategic Plan (Plan Stratégique 2009-2014). The Plan sets out six strategic orientations in order to address the environmental issues faced by Quebec. These strategic orientations cover, namely, climate change and the reduction of air pollution, biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of water and other resources. The Plan also states that the Ministry will consider submitting amendments to the Environment Quality Act in order to increase the amounts of fines and to provide for the power to issue administrative financial penalties similar to those existing in other jurisdictions such as Ontario thus avoiding for certain offences having to go before the courts. The Ministry is also committed to increasing its knowledge relative to contaminants of emerging interest such as nanoparticles resulting from nanotechnology, anti-staining and anti-adhesive substances, industrial detergents, natural or synthetic hormones, and compounds used in the manufacturing of plastics or epoxy resins for which there are presently no specific criteria or standards and which can present a potential or real threat to human health or the environment. Although the Plan is effective until 2014, most of the objectives and interventions are targeted for between now and 2013.