The Ontario Securities Commission today released its Statement of Priorities for the 2014-2015 financial year. The OSC notice also addresses stakeholder comments received in response to a draft version released earlier this year.

Ultimately, the OSC provides five broad regulatory goals for the upcoming year, namely (i) delivering strong investor protection, including by considering the best interest duty to investors, completing research in regards to embedded fees in mutual funds and publishing final rules to introduce pre-sale delivery of Fund Facts for mutual funds; (ii) delivering responsive regulation by, among other things, publishing proposals to update the order protection rule, developing proposals for streamlining the existing rights offering exemption, and moving forward on proposed rules regarding board gender diversity; (iii) delivering effective enforcement and compliance; (iv) supporting and promoting financial stability, including by developing rules for the clearing of OTC derivatives and implementing trade reporting rules, as well as by working with B.C., Ontario and the federal government to implement a cooperative securities regulator to deliver "more efficient and effective regulation of the capital markets" and oversee sources of systemic risk; and (v) running a modern, accountable and efficient organization.

For more information, see OSC Notice 11-770.