At the Western Governors Association (WGA) annual meeting, the governors signed an agreement with the Obama administration aimed at promoting renewable energy. The group approved the Western Renewable Energy Zone- Phase 1 Report, which identifies the areas that are most promising for large-scale renewable energy development with low environmental impact. In addition to identifying these renewable energy zones, the report also evaluates various transmission strategies and creates a modeling tool to assess the relative economic costs of renewable resources on a delivered basis to specific population (load) centers. The report was put together by the WGA, DOE, DOI, Department of Agriculture, FERC, Canadian premiers, and a group of stakeholders. As the WGA moves beyond phase 1 of the WREZ, the WREZ initiative “will undertake a range of efforts to lay the foundation for promoting the efficient regional development, procurement, and delivery of energy from renewable resource areas to multiple population centers throughout the Western Interconnection.”