Cartel Damage Claims (CDC) has lodged a claim against six members of the European-wide hydrogen peroxide cartel including Akzo Nobel, Solvay and Evonik Degussa, seeking to recoup over €600 million. The application has been made on behalf of 32 hydrogen peroxide purchasers and will be reviewed by the regional court in Dortmund. The claim seeks €430 million in damages as well as interest which amounts to approximately 50 percent of the damage claim. The case is based on the European Commission's cartel decision of May 2006. CDC has requested access to the Commission's file which was rejected under the Commission's transparency rules. This is now being disputed in the Court of First Instance where CDC lodged a claim in October 2008 requesting that the Commission's decision be declared void.  

CDC specialises in the European-wide purchase and enforcement of damage claims resulting from competition law infringements. It takes over the claims of purchasers, manages the case and then returns a percentage of the winnings back to the purchasers