Outrageous Facebook Comments Not Enough to Fire New York Public School Teacher. Christine Rubino seemed to be in the wrong line of work. Just after a child from another school tragically drowned in June 2010, she shared her thoughts on Facebook: “I am thinking the beach sounds like a wonderful idea for my 5th graders! I HATE THEIR GUTS! They are all the devils spawn!” “I wld not throw a life jacket in for a million.” She later tried to cover up and deny her comments, and she was fired. However, a judge ruled in 2012 that the termination was improper. Now an appellate court has agreed, finding that the discharge was “shocking to one’s sense of fairness.” That court cited Ms. Rubino’s lack of prior discipline and her expressions of remorse. No word yet whether the City will appeal to New York’s highest court.

Washington Residents Least Likely to Curse on the Phone: The Marchex Institute reports that Washingtonians are less likely to curse on the phone than residents of any other state. Researchers examined more than 600,000 phone calls placed by consumers to businesses across 30 industries, and found that Washington residents were least likely to use specified offensive words. Evergreen State residents also ranked in the top third of the country for saying “please” and “thank you.”

Watch Your Tweets – We Know Where You Live: Students at Humboldt State University in California traced the origin of 150,000 tweets, finding that most with racist and homophobic content came from users in smaller towns and rural areas.  They even developed a map, so curious users can find where there are concentrations of offensive tweeters.

In the Washington state, hot spots for objectionable tweets are Aberdeen and rural areas west of Olympia.