A makeup product marketed as improving skin texture, healing acne, protecting from sun exposure, and evening skin tone has reportedly been linked to two cases of lead poisoning in children in Kansas City, Missouri. Called Thanakha, the product is a traditional cosmetic in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and sold predominantly in ethnic stores or online, where, according to news sources, it is marketed to a broad audience of consumers looking for natural skin care products. Its packaging apparently often lacks information about the product’s manufacturer or distributor. Although Thanakha—a yellowish paste made from tree bark—is natural, the tools used to grind it and some of the metal containers used to store it reportedly contain high levels of lead. Amy Roberts, manager of the Kansas City Health Department’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, noted thatthe product is sold in a number of Kansas City-area stores and cautioned consumers who have it to “stop using it, throw it away, and only use products with ingredients clearly labeled on the container.” Roberts also urged people who have been exposed to get a blood lead test.See Kansas City Health Department News Release, November 26, 2013.