Four automotive companies operating in Poland’s special economic zones are still entitled to receive State aid, according to Polish competition authority’s (UOKiK’s) standard six-monthly report to the European Commission.

The companies have so far received more than PLN 1 billion (c. € 255 million) of State aid. Within the last year, the value of State aid has increased by PLN 87 million (c. € 21 million).

Poland’s accession treaty to the EU limits the amount of State aid it can give to any automotive company active in a special economic zone to 30% of its investment cost incurred until 31 December 2006.

According to UOKiK, the percentage so far received by each company is:

26.6%  General Motors Powertrain Poland (formerly Isuzu Motors Polska)
17.6% Fiat Powertrain Technologies Poland
17.5% Volkswagen Motor Polska
1.6% General Motors Manufacturing Poland

Information on UOKiK’s previous report can be found here.