In what represents the first step in a major overhaul of Ukraine’s antiquated Soviet-era machinery of government, on 25 March 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the first package of resolutions necessary to enact the provisions of the new Law on the Civil Service (which comes into effect 1 May 2016) (the “Civil Service Law”). 

In total, 33 legal acts (including 3 laws) must be adopted by 1 May 2016 to implement public administration reform, introduce open and merit-based selection procedures and create a framework for a fair and transparent salary and career progression system in the civil service. Properly implemented, these measures will enhance the effectiveness of services delivered by central government ministries and agencies and reduce corruption in the public service of Ukraine. 

The Government endorsed three draft laws that are necessary to ensure the implementation of the new Civil Service Law. These laws introduce amendments to the regulations of central executive bodies, local state administrations, changes to the Tax and Customs codes. 

Further, the Government adopted number of corresponding regulations regarding: (i) filling positions in the public service through a transparent and competitive procedure; (ii) establishing a Senior Civil Service Commission to ensure the effective development of public service executive management; and (iii) procedures to determine public service seniority.