Writing to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Tuesday, Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) voiced frustration with Genachowski’s refusal to provide details on a model that the FCC is designing to predict the outcome of voluntary incentive auctions of broadcast television spectrum. Dingell declared it: “imperative that members of Congress know what effect [incentive auctions] will have on the broadcast industry and their constituents’ ability to receive free, over-the-air local programming.” Dingell, the ranking\member of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, first requested information from the FCC in June concerning the Allotment Optimization Model (AOM) that the agency is developing to predict which TV station licensees would be most likely to participate in the incentive auction process. Although the FCC initially disclosed its work on the AOM in a technical paper released in June 2010, Genachowski explained to Dingell in reply that “the AOM remains very much a work in progress, and I am deeply concerned that disclosure of predecisional information would potentially damage the Commission’s deliberative processes, as well as result in needless public confusion about the status of the Commission’s work on the voluntary incentive auction concept.” While advising Dingell “it is too early in our process to release what is still a partial work product,” Genachowski pledged: “should Congress grant the Commission the ability to conduct voluntary incentive auctions . . . we will put the then-current (and further refined) version of the AOM out for public comment before setting the rules for the auction.” Taking Genachowski to task for refusing “to respond substantively,” Dingell criticized the chairman’s “insistence that the Commission be granted statutory authority to conduct voluntary incentive auctions prior to the public release of the effects of the [AOM] it will use in reclaiming broadcast frequencies.” Dingell said he would “oppose granting the Commission any statutory authority to conduct such auctions that does not include explicit and fair protections for broadcasters.”