The National Health and Medical Research Council (“NHMRC”) has announced a review of its Grant Program. The NHMRC administers the Medical Research Endowment Account (“MREA”) from which it awards various types of grants (totalling approximately $800 million annually) for medical research and medical research training.

The review was initiated following increasing numbers of grant applications received in the face of rising research costs, placing growing pressure on applicants and peer reviewers. Additionally, the review is in response to concerns that the current Grant Program is adversely affecting early and mid-year career researchers and new areas of research. The review will consider the current Grant Program’s impact and ability to meet the complex needs of health and medical research in Australia as well as alternative models.

The Office of the NHMRC will conduct the review, with assistance from an Expert Advisory Group led by Professor Steve Wesselingh. External advice will also be sought from the Health Translation Advisory Committee, the Health Innovation Advisory Committee and the Principal Committee Indigenous Caucus.

The review is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

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