Where the new Regulations apply, and how to comply with them

The transitional provisions of the CDM Regulations 2015 are effective for all projects from 6 April (Easter Monday). The only exception is where all three of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • A CDM co-ordinator has been appointed before 6 April therefore effectively by 2 April (Maundy Thursday).
  • The project is on site by that date.
  • The date for completion is before 6 October.

If your project meets all of these criteria, you can continue to comply with the 2007 Regulations as before. Given the potential for increased compliance costs for the 2015 Regulations, you may wish as many of your projects as possible to fall into this category. We advise that you look at all projects for which the date for completion is before 6 October and, if possible, appoint a CDM co-ordinator and take some action to ensure the project is on site.

Other projects

For all other projects, the transitional provisions of the 2015 Regulations apply. These cover:

  • The duties of the CDM co-ordinator during the transitional period (6 April to 6 October)
  • The duties disapplied pending the appointment of a principal designer
  • The requirements for projects where there is only one contractor

What do you need to now?

  • Identify which projects may be subject to the new Regulations, and get in touch with us if unsure.
  • For all projects due to complete before 6 October, appoint a CDM co-ordinator and start on site.
  • Make sure the relevant people and project teams are aware that change is imminent.