This is the first article in our special series on the big B2B  and B2C law changes from 17 June.

This is a convenient table and index for the changes. It is  linked to articles, which will be updated over time as new  articles are ready.

17 June 2014 and 17 March 2015 are big days for the new  FTA and CGA law, impacting most businesses, for both  B2B and B2C transactions. Here we:

  • Provide a table summarising the key changes; and
  • Give links to more detailed articles, complete with  action lists, for the 17 June changes.

Key changes

In the table below, we have focussed on what applies to most businesses and not included some of the more  industry-specific changes such as:

  • in Acts other than the FTA and CGA
  • provisions as to electricity, gas, auctions, vendor bids in bidding process, layby sales, uninvited  door to door sales, unsolicited goods and services, product safety, disclosure of trader status on the  internet, extended warranties for additional payment, collateral credit, and the insurance industry.

Suppliers should check the list above in case the changes affect their businesses.

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