On May 27, David Orazietti, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services, officially introduced Bill 106, Protecting Condominium Owners Act, to the Legislative Assembly. The proposed legislation will increase protections for condominium owners and regulate the management of condominiums.

The Protecting Condominium Owners Act can be found on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website. To read a summary of the key provisions, visit the Ministry of Government and Consumer Service website.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting updates on how the proposed changes might affect your condominium, including the creation of the Condominium Authority to help resolve disputes, increased transparency and communication, licensing of condominium managers and management companies, Tarion warranty coverage for conversion projects, and mandatory director training.

Special thanks to the countless directors, managers, lawyers, residents, owners, and all the other individuals who have helped in the creation of Bill 106. Your contributions to the consultations and working groups will help shape and improve condominium living for years to come.